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We deliver the best website design application software development services to enhance business operations.

Hexapt company is a creative studio based in Nairobi, Kenya (East African Region). Having a brilliant development team of software application engineers and website designers that are talented, passionate & eager to solve any complex problem you have. We provide our customers with digital transformation across marketing, digital & strategy consulting and technology services.

Our firm believes that by putting digital at the core of their business, clients not only accelerate the value exchange between their organizations and their customers but can evolve with agility in a fast-changing world. This will no doubt make them leaders in their niche.

What We Do


Crafting fully adaptive websites that guarantee high sales volume, improves business credibility, bringing unlimited access to a wider market and saving you money.

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Applications & Software Development

We use advanced technologies to build reliable, optimized and secure apps. Their framework will also ensure that respective departments in your firm are running seamlessly.


  • They designed a brilliant website for us thanks to it, our sales just went through the roof because we could be taking many orders at one time, instead of just one order at a time.
    Murithii Githui - Founder, Dischempharmacie
  • We had been looking for an application development firm but most did not understand how to implement our complex requirement in to an app. This company did just that.
    Ashbel Macharia - Founder, AG Pharmaceuticals
  • Reducing waste, increasing leads and expanding our market share was the ethos of our company. We partnered with hexapt and their software products are the backbone of our success.
    Jackson Kimani - IT Manager, Hatari Security Company

Tech News

A recent study revealed that search Engines such as Google and Bing process more than 3.5 billion searches per day worldwide, this means that more and more people know of the limitless benefits of using the internet. This can be searching for a specific product, finding a professional web design company to develop an efficient website application & software or even calculating payroll.

This medium is also great for channeling news. Unfortunately, vices such as hacking, credit card fraud, fake news and online scamming are rampant. The good thing is that through our blog we will be informing you on how to subdue these dangers.


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